Maggie Smith sitting on a bench reading a copy of the Daily Prophet. Behind her are some green plants.

Here’s a nice little update: y’all can subscribe to a weekly newsletter I’ll be sending out!

In it, I’m going to shout out a few blog posts from the week and also any cool ancestry/genealogy news that may come up.

“Cool ancestry/genealogy news? Nice oxymoron, Tony.”

Hey! It’s cool to me and plenty of other people too — I think.

There will be two new subscriber forms you can fill out:

  1. A pop-up that appears when you initially enter the site. This will go away once you subscribe and you’ll never see it again!
  2. A lightbox that appears at the bottom of every post. Just like your fears of failure or that embarrassing memory from years ago, this will never go away no matter how hard you try.

Be sure to sign up! You’ll be entertained with my stories, musings, and raconteuring.

No, really. It’ll be good.

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