New Years Even party from a Peanuts special - New Year, New Blog

I finally got around to updating the blog!

Saigon to Sioux city has gotten a face lift — and a much needed one too.

I decided to change website hosts so I could have more control over how the blog looks. I’ll be honest: it’s probably gonna change a ton more as the months get along, but for now, I’m really digging it.

Some new features:

  • There’s a features section on the front page.
  • The blog posts are now tiled, so you don’t have to scroll through them all to find a specific one.
  • I’ve included a bunch of SEO plugins so it’ll be easier to find me on Google.
  • The most exciting feature: there’s a cute little double helix in the website tab

I’m still mostly awful when it comes to website building, but I’ll toot my own horn when it comes to this new site. I love it.

Hope you all do too.

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