You need to watch this “Finding Your Roots”

WHAT’S UP, PEOPLE? Sometimes I like to have a YouTube video play in the background while I work. If my editor’s reading this, I’m not just slacking off writing. It helps me concentrate. I promise! One vid that accompanied my writing for work recently was an episode of Finding Your Roots starring Continue Reading

[Video] Watch me speak to the DNA Interest Group of Iowa City

The Iowa City Public Library has finally released the video of my talk to the DNA Interest Group of Iowa City! You can check it out below or find on the library website.

It’s about an hour and I’m incredibly nervous throughout it, but god damn am I proud of doing this.


Genealogy is the New Astronomy: Interview with Prof. Bryant McAllister

The University of Iowa Pentacrest on a clear, sunny day. The Old Capitol is in the center and in front of it is a grassy area.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon an article in the University of Iowa Alumni Magazine featuring a class called, “Who Are You: Revelations from the Personal Genome.” It was the perfect combination of everything I wanted from a seminar while I was at UI — free genetic genealogy research Continue Reading

I (only) see dead people: Where are the living on family trees?

The world’s oldest and lamest movie reference aside, I’m starting to realize why I can’t find anyone living on In my search to find my grandfather, I’m noticing a bunch of reoccurring themes when it comes to researching family trees: Every census taker ever failed handwriting class in elementary Continue Reading